DriveWorks Live Integration Theme

Welcome to the DriveWorks Live Integration Theme.

The Integration Theme hosts the DriveWorks Live Web API enabling you to embed your DriveWorks Implementation in an existing web site or application.

Here you will find a range of resources to assist you in getting started with the Integration Theme, Server API and Client SDK.

This page is a default landing page for the Integration Theme and is visible to anyone that can access DriveWorks Live through the Integration Theme (although they shouldn't ever reach it). Consider editing this page in a production environment.


In order to use the Integration Theme, you must first register your DriveWorks Group(s) in the DriveWorksConfigUser.xml file in C:\ProgramData\DriveWorks\[Version]\Live\Themes\Integration.

More information about the settings in this file can be found in the online help file.

Client SDK Examples

We have created a range of basic examples that showcase how the Integration Theme Client SDK can be used to interact with the Server API to create custom web content, powered by DriveWorks.

This collection of web pages is a great way to get started or provide inspiration, and they are completely customizable and ready to use with your existing DriveWorks Projects and Specifications.



Alongside the examples, there is plenty of help to assist you in working with the Integration Theme and its different components.

Server API

The Server API documentation displays all of the endpoints that can be interacted with using the Integration Theme. Here you will find:

Server API Documentation

Client SDK

The Client SDK documentation displays all of the functions and properties that are available when utilizing the SDK to communicate with the Server API. Here you will find:

Client SDK Documentation

DriveWorks Help

For further help using DriveWorks in general please visit the online Help File where you will find a wide range of help, information and tips to assist you.

DriveWorks Help File